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Start your fine wine
investment journey today

Invest in diversified collections of fine wine curated by experts, and receive profits when assets are sold.

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The world has changed. It's time wine investing changed with it.

Fine wine is a fascinating asset class, but investing in wine has remained opaque, expensive and inaccessible. Winefi makes it easy to gain diversified exposure to the wine market at a fraction of the cost of using a traditional broker.

Invest in collections of fine wine, at low cost

Gain exposure to the fine wine market. Sourced and managed by experts.

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We take care of all the admin for you

We transport, store and insure your assets, and report on their performance over time.

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You receive the profits when the assets are sold

When the time is right to maximise returns, we sell the assets and distribute the proceeds to you.

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Investing in fine wine made accessible

Winefi curates collections of blue chip wines, and manages them for you from sourcing to sale.

You don't have to be a specialist to invest like one

Gain instant access to great collections, an expert management team, in-depth analysis and a community of wine investors from around the world.

Advised by Experts

Our investment committee represents the best known names in the wine trade

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Winefi?
    Winefi is an investment marketplace that allows you to access expertly-curated collections of fine wine and spirits.
  • Why choose Winefi over a traditional wine broker?
    Winefi offers exposure to the best wines on the market, for less. We offer the most cost-effective way of building a wine portfolio.
  • How do you choose the collections?
    We build collections around specific themes. We select the assets contained within our collections based on their potential to appreciate, factoring in many different data points including critic scores, ageability, vintage, market trends and price history.
  • How does Winefi make money?
    We charge a flat brokerage fee of 10% that also covers the management, storage and insurance of the wines for five years. If the wines are held for longer than that, additional storage and insurance fees are deducted "at cost" from the sales price of the assets.
  • Where do you store the assets?
    We securely store the assets 'in-bond' within a UK government approved, temperature-controlled warehouse.
  • What is the difference between a 'private' collection and a 'public' collection?
    A private collection means a portfolio of wines that are owned by you as an individual outright. A public collection means a portfolio of wines that are owned by multiple individuals at the same time.
  • Can I drink the wine?
    If you are building a private collection, then sure! Otherwise, our public collections are shared between multiple investors, you cannot unilaterally choose to remove the wines from bond for personal consumption. If you wish to acquire a certain bottle within a collection, please get in touch via our website.
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